A> Customize Name, Logo, Phone Numbers

  1. Login to your dashboard at yoursiteurl/wp-admin
  2. Go to Appearance–> Customize
  3. Select Top Header Info, and change Phone number, email address
  4. Select Site Identity and Change Logo, Site Icon and Site Title
  5. Select Widgets and edit the contact us address with your own address
  6. Do not change any other setting unless you know what you are doing.

B> Activate Woocommerce Plugin and set it up

  1. Login to Dashboard
  2. Go to Plugins, and activate Woocommerce Plugin, if its already activated then go to next step
  3. Go to Woocommerce–>Settings, in the General Tab Enter your address and company name etc, select your currency (default is INR, if you change to some other currency, you will have to accordingly change the product prices)
  4. Go to Woocommerce–> Settings, in the Tax Tab, setup taxes if any
  5. Go to Woocommerce–> Settings, in the Checkout Tab, and select the different payment gateways and configure them using the on-screen instructions. If you want to activate a new payment gateway, go to Dashboard–> Plugins, and see if your gateway is available, if its not, let us know we will activate the gateway for you if a plugin is available
  6. Go to Woocommerce–> Settings, in the Emails Tab, and scroll down to change the default settings to your company settings

C> Setup Products :

  1. Login to Dashboard
  2. Go to Products–>All Products
  3. You can either hover over each product and edit its pricing or you can bulk edit the product pricing by increasing or decreasing it in %age.
  4. To bulk edit, select all products that you want to edit, then from Bulk Actions drop down, select Edit, and click Apply. You will be presented with options, navigate to Price and select appropriate option
  5. Once you have edited the price in the shopping cart, you must edit the prices on the website pages as well. 

D> How to edit website pages :

  1. Login to Dashboard
  2. Go to the website
  3. Navigate to the page that you wish to edit
  4. On the top admin bar, select “Edit” , let the page load fully, do not click anywhere midway while the page is loading
  5. Click Backend editor if it shows just lots of code
  6. Now you can edit all options. Just hover over any component and click on Edit button
  7. Check below red squared areas for example of an edit button on the edit page screen

E> Setup Support Tickets

  1. Login to Dashboard
  2. Select uCare Support–>Settings–>Advanced
  3. Select Support page from drop down for  : Support Page
  4. Select uCare Support–>Settings–> Email and check if its using your email address
  5. You can answer the tickets from Ucare Support–> Launch Help Desk

F> Setup Domain Selling

  1. You may have already got a domain reseller account from us.
  2. Login to your domain reseller account. Go to Settings–>Branding, Check Supersite 2 URL. Copy Supersite 2 URL
  3. Login to your Dashboard on Hosting website
  4. Navigate to Appearance–>Menu, select Primary Menu
  5. Click on the Register a Domain Menu Item, Update its link to your own Supersite 2 URL link
  6. Click Save
  7. Go back to your domain reseller account and make changes in domain pricing from Settings–>Manage Product Pricing–>Domain Pricing, change pricing for both customers as well as resellers
  8. After you have saved it, go to your hosting website and edit the Domain Reseller Pricing page
  9. You can directly copy the prices from your Partnersite (you can get partnersite URL from Domain reseller account–>Settings–>Branding–>Partner Site, URL . Go to the URL, click on pricing to get the full pricing set by you. Copy it to your hosting website page using above instructions on editing pages.

When you get an order for products for which you do not have a reseller account, you can always order it from our website. Once we have activated the order and sent you details, you can forward same to your clients.

G> Setup Whitelabelled Managed Support

  1. Login to your Dashboard on Hosting website
  2. Navigate to Appearance–>Menu, select Support Menu
  3. Click on Open a Technical Ticket , change email ID in mailto:support@xyz.com to your support email ID
  4. For support email ID, create a fresh Gmail ID, go to settings in Gmail, select forwarding and POP
  5. Check your activation Email  to know your forwarding email ID for whitelabelled managed support
  6. Enter that email ID in forwarding field. 
  7. We will confirm the email if your account is verified as having whitelabelled managed support enabled
  8. Go back to gmail forwarding settings, and click on enable forwarding with keep gmail's copy in inbox
  9. You are done
  10. Now when your customers will click on Open a Technical Ticket, they will mail it to your support email, which will open a ticket in whitelabelled support portal, you will receive updates every time a ticket is replied